The Tru-Fit™ system will provide users with the unique capability to inspect their small-bore tubing systems and locate potential issues without the need for shutdown or disassembly.

Planned Product Features

  • Rugged, lightweight and portable.
  • Provides instant visual feedback on condition.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for use with mobile devices.
  • Used in conjunction with the Tru-Fit™ app to record, track and monitor equipment condition.
  • Water and dirt proof.

Simple Operation

The Tru-Fit™ design is focused on providing a wealth of detailed data through a simple inspection process.

On average, the entire process takes less then thirty seconds from start to finish on each component.

Required training to operate Tru-Fit™ is minimal.

A comprehensive system

Tru-Fit™ will be a complete system, with both hardware and software components.

From technicians in the field carrying out inspection, to technical authorities and field engineers overseeing maintainence activities, Tru-Fit™ is designed to streamline the management of small-bore systems.

Planned software features

  • Detailed overview of small-bore systems, with the ability to track and record individual components.
  • Create a Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) system based on real world inspection data, that continually improves as new data arrives.
  • Automated report generation means management is kept up-to-date with issues as they arise, allowing for effective planning.
  • Streamline logistics with the ability to generate purchase orders from data generated directly by inspection and maintaince personnel on-site.
  • AWS cloud servers and 24/7 software support maximises uptime for clients along with ensuring global coverage, from the North Sea to Baku.
  • Export data in various formats for ease or reporting or presentation.
  • API integration with SAP, Maximo and Achilles FPAL.

In addition to the Tru-Fit™ system , Paragon is also developing OLEG®, our handheld x-ray inspection & software solution.


The Tru-Fit system was initially developed to service the oil & gas industry, however its applications go much further, reaching into multiple industry sectors.


  • Fuel transmission and hydraulic control components.
  • Ground-based servicing systems.

Power Generation

  • Pressure and instrumentation systems.
  • Level gauges and sample points.

And many more…

  • Nuclear
  • Utilities
  • Maritime
  • Defense
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