We provide innovative inspection solutions for industry.

Paragon’s journey started with a vision to provide innovative inspection technology to the oil & gas industry.

What we do

Paragon aims to solve challenges around the assembly of small-bore and instrument tubing systems through the use of our patented Tru-Fit® system.

Despite robust measures put in place by industry to prevent, detect, control and mitigate hydrocarbon releases, issues around small-bore tubing systems continue to present a significant challenge.

Existing inspection methods largely revolve around the shutdown and disassembly of these components.

Our patented, non-intrusive inspection system allows users to identify assembly issues and potential leaks before they happen, allowing targeted preventative maintenance to take place and fostering a proactive approach to small-bore tubing systems.

Our system is also unique in that it can provide users with unparalled data without the need for shutdown or dissassembly, and all within seconds. This allows for more effective management, planning and control of these systems over traditional inspection methods.

Check out our Products & Services page for more information about the Tru-Fit® system and what it can do for you.

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