To help resolve the issues around SBT leaks and production losses Paragon developed Tru-Fit®.


To help resolve the issues around SBT leaks and production losses Paragon developed Tru-Fit®. Tru-Fit® is a portable, handheld, non-intrusive inspection system that identifies assembly issues and potential leaks before they happen. Tru-Fit® consists of a handheld inspection tool, a mobile app and an online inspection data page.

The Tru-Fit® SBT inspection system, was developed to allow fast simple accurate non-intrusive inspection of small-bore tubing connectors in seconds providing standardised, inspection and reporting whilst detecting and grading previously unknown SBT assembly issues.


Benefits to Industry

  • Reduced SBT system risk to personnel and the environment
  • Reduced hydrocarbon releases
  • Reduced fugitive emissions
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Verification of correct SBT assembly with traceability
  • Identify and predict potential SBT leaks before they happen
  • Minimise SBT interventions
  • Break and remake only known SBT faults
  • Reduces unplanned shutdowns and hydrocarbon releases
  • Reduced human factor errors in SBT assembly and inspection
  • Tru-Fit® requires no disassembly or shutdown of live SBT systems
  • Improves SBT risk management and predictive maintenance programmes allowing more effective SBT system management and compliance
  • Faster more effective decisions on SBT systems
  • Reduced personnel on-board
  • Fast effective inspection method

Tru-Fit® benefits several industries and companies, including:

  • Industries that are responsible for small bore tubing construction, inspection and pressure testing both on and offshore including SBT remedials, skid assemblies and new construction.
  • Industries that provide risk management services for control systems.
  • Companies that provide training and competency services around SBT personnel.
  • Companies that manage systems on behalf of plant owners.

Potential Savings

Less Commute Hours​
Training Savings
Better Skilled People
Environmental Impact
Less Commute Hours
Training Savings
$ 0
Better Skilled People
Environmental Impact
- 0 kg Co2

Tru-Fit® – additional uses

In addition to the Tru-Fit tool grading the Tru-Fit mobile app also allows input of SBT visual inspection information, standardising and recording typical Energy Institute Guidelines SBT inspection data normally recorded.

The Tru-Fit® system may be used as.

  • A fast simple effective standalone SBT grading system using the Tru-Fit® tool
  • A standalone SBT visual inspection system recording and uploading visual inspection information using the Tru-Fit® mobile app.
  • A combination of both Tru-Fit® grading and SBT visual inspection for optimum results and a more accurate risk assessment profile using the Tru-Fit inspection tool and Tru-Fit mobile app combined.

The Tru-Fit® system provides the unique capability to inspect small-bore tubing systems and locate potential issues without the need for shutdown or disassembly.