A lightweight, portable, interchangeable, self-contained x-ray inspection system.


An operator follows the OLEG® on-screen instructions with software analysing the results and providing and a pass or fail decision instantly. Results are then uploaded into our cloud database reporting system.

OLEG® system features

  • No radiographer & radiographer assistant
  • No radiation monitoring badges, film or chemicals
  • No expensive digital radiography scanners or computed radiography systems
  • No evacuation of the area
  • No time consuming image interpretation and reporting


Benefits to Industry

  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced unplanned shutdowns
  • Ensure construction quality
  • Manage risk more effectively
Less Commute Hours
Training Savings
$ 0
Better Skilled People
Environmental Impact
- 0 kg Co2


OLEG® can be adapted to suit a particular inspection application where conventional radiography is either too expensive or not feasible.

One application for OLEG® is tube bottoming in small bore tubing assemblies used globally for gas and fluid control systems including hydrogen systems. Tube bottoming is an internal ‘hidden’ defect defined in Energy Institute guidelines which can only be determined by system shutdown and disassembly. Shutdown and disassembly of the system is a fifty step process which takes over 24 hours and involves, depressurisation, disassembly, cleaning, inspection, purging, pressure testing and system re-instatement.

The Health and Safety Executive in the UK classifies this as a significant hazard requiring sign-off at each stage of the process as a hydrocarbon joint is being opened.

OLEG® eliminates this entire process with a pass or fail result in seconds with no need for system disassembly.

Contact us for further information or if you may have an application that OLEG® may help with